Once Upon a Time

As the definition of happiness is to love and to be loved,

nothing is stronger and more meaningful than that.

You know?

Once I did not know how to love.

Then, you showed me.

It is irresistable.

I can help my self but to fall for you.

Over and over again.

This time,

How I realize that the wide sky above me,

shows me how big the universe is.

If I lost inside.

I might never be found, I guess.


I guess this is it.

All answers come pinching my cheek,

Blowing gentle kisses through my soul.

The breeze of the dawn comes rush in,

convinces me that life is as beautiful as it is.

It is beautiful in each and every way,

that I cant describe myself.

Its just too good too be true

From the beginning of time,

everything has happened for a reason.

As well as my existance.

There is no way,

that a creation was misscreated.

There is no way,

I am a mistake.

These vivid memories that linger,

come rushing back on track.

Oh, I thought I have forgotten,

Yet, I was wrong.

Its like a wake up call.

That somewhere, somehow,

I still can fulfil my dream.

My dream comes true.


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